Who We Are?

DaFwesh Clothing........The Greedy Group.

We are an underground Urban/City brand straight out of Chicago. We are most recognized for our unique colorful unisex designs. First created in 2008, the brand was originally created for the people of Chicago IL.

Since then the brand has been distributed all over the US, Also to different countries such as Germany, Jamaica, and Japan. We want to open the market up! The basis for our designs comes straight from
our environmental experience, that is rooted in a culture that has nurtured us into a keen
I for style. Our plan is to have all people to embrace our style of clothing and witness the
make-over we are giving the game.

Dead to the world with money in our eyes:

The X in The Logos are meant for the dis-involvement in society's view on racist tendencies. The Money Sign In The Logo represents strong will of working hard and aquiring money no matter the circumstances presented.

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